The Beautiful Youth Project

Going Foto!

the following two sites are no longer operating, but their contributions to Dereks' Universe is forever appreciated

Made To Model

Roadrunner Galleries

A@T Showcase by Adam at The Beautiful Youth project

Derek's Art at The Beautiful Youth Project


Britains' Got Talent - funny audition

Charlie Green - Day Dream Believer

(what a beautiful voice!)

Prior Music Finds

Straalen McCallum

Ulrik Munther

Ronan Park


Rick Nelson

Jal Joshua

Jordan Jansen

Jake and Jackie Evancho

Liam McNally

Cold Play - Viva La Vida

(when I ruled the world)

Charlie Green

Mr Amadeus

Jal Joshua

kd lang - Hallelujah

(from the opening cermonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics)

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